Giving Thanks

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I figure that today, Thanksgiving, is the perfect day to start this new project. Given that I am terrrible at writing letters, even worse at making phone calls and am a social media avoider, I wanted a way to document our day to day in a way that I can share with my friends and family who are spread out all over the place. So here we go……..

At our poorly planned (and 90% store bought, ugh), Thanksgiving dinner, I asked A and T what they were thankful for this year. A, was thankful for me and T, how sweet.

It turns out that this guy is thankful for pepperoni. We tried to explain that thanksgiving was about being thankful for your family or friends or sunny days, things like that. He thought long and hard and changed his mind………. he is thankful for corn and bandaids, in no particular order. To each their own I suppose.

This year, I am thankful for my family`s health, for new family members (Hank Hart, Gethyn Beach and Sean Weber), for new marriages (Steph and Jesse) and for an October that still has these amazing dahlia`s growing all over Vancouver.

But mostly I`m thankful for this turkey. And pepperoni.


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