Sleepless in Seattle

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This past weekend we headed off to rainy seattle so Andrew could collect on his early birthday present of tickets to see the Patriots play the Seahawks. Thankfully, it was easy to find someone to take the second ticket, leaving Kirstie and I free to hang out in seattle with Thomas and baby Georgia on the Sunday.

We left Vancouver in driving sheets of rain and a nagging feeling in the pit of my stomache at the thought of being trapped in a small hotel room, trying to entertain two toddlers (I mean Thomas and Georgia, not Thomas and Andrew) while Dusty and Andrew were at the game on Sunday. Luckily, as we drove into Seattle, the rain had settled down to a mist and some blue sky was making its way through the clouds.

I had booked our hotel at the very last minute, as usual, and in doing so had missed out on some of the finer details of the reservation. Such as the bed size. Twin beds are double beds, right? Same thing? No? Errrr. No problem, I thought, that’s what cots are for. I feel like the desk clerk was secretly laughing at me when she mentioned that no, they didn’t have any cots available for the night but even if they did, a cot wouldn’t fit in our room. Oh dear. What had I booked us into? I had initially pictured a nice Victorian style Inn, but now I was picturing something out of the Borrowers (those tiny little people who slept in things like walnut shells lined with cotton balls). After parking our car two blocks away and carrying all our things up a completely vertical hill that really should have been equipped with a funicular, we were pleasantly surprised to find a room much larger than the  bread box I was imagining. How big were the cots in this hotel if they couldn’t fit in the room???

Ahhhhhhhh, I happily sighed! Vacation! A nice little break from work! I threw back the curtains to take in the view………………………we were ten feet away from a hospital and our `view`was directly into patient rooms. After watching an elderly woman get an ECG, a nurse empty a commode and a large man being prepared for a bed bath, I drew the curtains. What`s on TV?

We headed out to meet Kirsty, Dusty and Georgia and had a fun afternoon walking around Seattle and stopping for afternoon cervesas at a great little spot.

The very smart server, noticing Thomas starting to get antsy, gave him a huge box of corks to play with as building blocks, smart guy.

He did not want a photo of him building anything though. He is protective of his intellectual property, I guess.

On the way back to the hotel we stopped to buy a blow up mattress for T to sleep on and he was thrilled to find one with a Cars sleeping bag attached. While fun to look at, the sleeping bag / fitted sheet combo was made out of that super shiny and slippery material they make cheap kids sleeping bags out of and the end result was that he slid off the bed several times in the night and spent most of it under one of our beds until we woke up and pulled him back onto his bed. He didn’t seem bothered.

Game day sunday was a rainy one so Kirsty and I took the kids to the Seattle Children`s Museum. Thomas was immediately excited about the giant pumpkin at the entrance (Mom! I NEED to hug this guy)

and spent much of the first half hour squealing “Look at this Baby Georgia”. She replied with screams of her own and they seemed to have a grand time of things. Two hours in a children’s museum reasserted my belief that I could never have been a grade school teacher. It is exhausting being around that amount of energy. We needed coffee so headed back to hotel for a break and to wait for The Dads.

In the belly of the whale

In the blowhole of the whale?


Georgia was not convinced when Thomas told her he was taking her to sea.

Thomas seemed super excited to see this motorcycle yet that emotion really doesnt come across in this photo where he seems totally bored.

There were some weird exhibits. Like this random tent.

No one was taking this bee away from Georgia. NO ONE.


The Dads came back soaking wet but had fun at the game (Dusty more so as the Seahawks pulled off a win).  All in all, a fun little break from Vancouver!


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  1. Looks like a fun trip!

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