To do (or not to do)

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Today, I printed up a pile of really cute”TO DO” lists and diligently filled them all in by category. TO DO: Christmas, TO DO: Home, TO DO: School etc. Guess what three items did not appear on any of the lists of things that I need to pay attention to?

These, these and this.

In my defense, I did stay up until 2am and get 70% of my paper done. You might be wondering why I didn`t just use the past hour and a half to work on the other 30% and to you I say, Mind Your Own Business, what have YOU done today?


also cute

not bad for my first attempt. rings are tricky.

I`ll tell you what I like about this ring (whether you`d like to know, or not). It is made from items from the dollar store and cost about 20 cents to make. Floral wire and faux pearl beads. Not too bad.

These, these and this.

Okay, paper here I come. Right after I try making home-made lip gloss.


One thought on “To do (or not to do)

  1. so cute! your such a talented girl 🙂

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