In true Vancouver Halloween style, we grabbed umbrellas, put good rubber boots over our costumes and headed out on a dark and rainy night to get candy. Thomas has been excited for weeks about he and his Dad`s costume and he barely let Andrew get through the door before he dragged him off to get dressed……………………..

Curious, and super excited, George and his Man with the Yellow Hat

I did a hasty job of dying Andrew`s outfit and slapped some super cheap acrylic paint on the hat so I had some real concerns about the rain. Andrew worried that he may end up looking like The Yellow Man with the White Hat after one house, but thankfully, the rain let up for just long enough to make it around the block, get our mulled wine (THANK YOU to that family that dress up as witches and have a cauldron of mulled wine for the parents – genius), stock up on some candy and be home in time for bed.

Happy Halloween!


2 thoughts on “Boo!

  1. How sweet was curious George?! No rain in Arizona on Halloween night…it was 95 degrees! That being said it was a long evening of trick a treating when you are a banana_ yes! of all the costumes Rachel could have selected THE BANANA won out. Josh was his usual superhero. Fun night all around. Miss you all XXXX00000

  2. It was so nice to run into you guys last night! What fun and what great costumes! So glad the rain let up! 🙂 I love the house with the mulled wine, they do it every year for the cold and tired parents…this year I had to pass due to the baby on board. Great job on the costumes Carys! Happy Halloween.

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