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What an amazing fall day today! Sunny and cool but with clear skies. Perfect day to play outside and go for a long walk. We met up with our friends at Granville Island and fed some birds. Those who know me well will know that I tolerated that part for the sake of my child but inside my head I could hear the soundtrack from The Birds and was on the verge of a blood curdling scream the whole time. I really hate pigeons. They are winged rats. I`m pretty sure they can sense fear because I seemed to have more milling around me than anyone else. Despite that Kate had come prepared with bags of birdseed for her girls, and that  they had made a virtual carpet of birdseed for these pigeons, they targeted me (the pigeons, not Kate`s girls), swarmed my table and ate my banana bread. Jerks! We had more fun at the park which is, thankfully, a bird free zone.

leaf me alone!

A cool mosaic wall in the park at Granville Island

Mum! There is a robot dragon in here! (there wasn`t, I checked).

Inspired by nature, I came home and made a necklace and some earrings. The earrings are made from acorn caps – I liked the idea of something natural painted a really vibrant neon green on the inside. The necklace is a crocheted bead with two painted wooden beads. And no, I won`t wear them together. Neon green and pale pink? What, do you think I`m crazy? Jeez.

You don`t hang your earrings from your coffee mugs? Weird.

Wood and wool necklace. And a flower made out of coffee filters, just because I can.


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