Rainy days and mondays


It is far, far too early in the season to be fed up with grey, rainy days but waking up to a sky that is the colour of oatmeal definitely makes me just want to pull the covers back up over my head and stay asleep. In a bed that looks like this ……..

So cozy. (source)

But, if I did that every time I woke up to a typical November day in Vancouver, I`d likely just end up with bed sores so, we layered up in warm clothes, rain coats and boots, stopped for hot chocolate and went to the beach.

First we decided to sit on a bench and contemplate the sea and the sky which were the exact same shade of grey and you couldn`t really tell where one ended and the other began.

We watched the ships waiting for their turn to go through the inlet and Thomas wondered if the people on board missed their mums and dads and if they had their “na-nights” (his battered and beloved blanket made by Grammie). To make ourselves feel better we decided that no, they didn`t miss their parents because they were having too much fun on the boat and yes, they were all in posession of their blankets. Settled. Then he pointed out one lonley little sailboat, bobbing along far from any other boats. He told me that it was just waiting for it`s mum to come back with their lunch (which was going to be miso soup and bagels).

just waiting

The mountains are hidden by the mist

We headed down to the water where Thomas asked if we were going to swim. I mentioned that it might be too cold and was met with a lot of whining about how it wouldn`t be cold and it would be fun etc etc. Then I pointed out that we hadn`t packed our suits and he agreed that it might not be such a great idea after all. He was determined to go in “a little bit” though and ran to the water to get his boots wet.

Should I do it?

Ahhhhhh! That wave is coming to get me!

Mum! That wave went in my boot and it was coooooold!

Mum! That wave went in my boot and it was coooooold!


All that was really left to do at this point was to sit with his buddy, Mr. Potato Head, and eat popcorn and complain about his wet foot.

While he did that, I daydreamed about this……..

We are so, so many days away from a day like this. Sigh. (source)

Hope you`re staying warm and dry and cosy!


2 thoughts on “Rainy days and mondays

  1. Not to be mean or anything but your neice and nephew are still going to school in shorts….I’m just saying. love you, liz

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