The lights are much brighter there


I don`t know what it is about this song that makes all kids love it. Maybe it is simply because this song is AWESOME. I mean, right?!

Feel free to run around your living room yelling out the “Downtown!” part because you want to sing along but you only know that one part. We will be doing the same here.

And yeah, you`re welcome.


3 thoughts on “The lights are much brighter there

  1. This is the girls favourite song!!!!

  2. Remember singing ‘summer lovin’ from the most AWESOME GREASE sound track?.!! Now that’s another BIG hit. Wasn’t so funny when we realized that the neighbours across the road could hear us. Just wondering… does Andrew join in with on the chorus as well?. downtown where all the lights are bright…..

  3. Yeah!!! ” DOWNTOWN ” !!! ha ha AWESOME CARYS 🙂

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