Sail away with me, to another world


While the majority of my Christmas TO DO list remains largely untouched, I can safely check off GET TREE and DECORATE TREE (I like to separate things out so that I feel more industrious when I check off two things at one time).

Last weekend, we gave Thomas  some cash and sent him on his way to the tree lot. For a not-quite three year old, he did a fine job.

december 050

Pull! Pull! Pull!

The past couple of years I tried to be all fancy and have an all red and white tree, huge and filled out and just covered with tiny white lights, you know the kind.  Something like this…

Given our budget and my limited ability to really commit to anything that takes a lot of planning and effort, the result was a tree that looked like it should have been near one of the check outs at Ikea, so this year I said “Martha Stewart be damned!” (I thought it anyway) and bought a string of multicoloured lights and handmade a bunch of mismatched decorations and was done with it. The result is way better than that tired little sapling above.

We took the requisite soft lit photo of our child gingerly hanging his hand-made ornament on the tree.



Then Thomas and I lay underneath the tree singing the parts of Christmas carols that he knows (mostly, Jingle Bells: Batman Smells edition). I told him we were singing a duet and then had to explain a duet to him. I took on his challenge to sing “more and more duets!” and taught him the words to Islands in the Stream and Ebony and Ivory. There is something entirely hilarious about a three year old singing “sail away with me, to another world, where we`ll rely on each other. Uh-huh”.

A lone island in the stream

A lone island in the stream

I have the best memories of laying underneath the Christmas tree at home when I was little. It makes me really happy to help create these memories for Thomas too.

Only 7 more sleeps until Santa comes!


2 thoughts on “Sail away with me, to another world

  1. carys, i think you are an awesome momma!!

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