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I really debated whether I would write any thoughts about the events in Newtown last week, knowing that there is nothing I can say that isn`t already on the minds of the world over in thinking about what incredible grief one person has caused so many. But then my friend sent me this picture today

us three

I love these guys.

This was taken on sunday, when we took Thomas up Grouse mountain to see the reindeer with my best friend and her little girl. In this picture, we are on a sleigh ride through the snowy woods and Thomas is sitting on my lap and was totally in awe at everything we were seeing. The thought of those children in Newtown and their families and the community as a whole was definitely on my mind and I remember holding on tight to my little boy and thinking “how can I possibly protect him?”. The answer is I can`t, and none of us can, but we can love the kids in our lives so incredibly fiercely that they don`t go through a day without knowing it, and maybe that protects them from some things.

My heart and my thoughts go out to the people in Newtown. I am truly, truly heartbroken for your incredible loss.


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