And to all, a good night

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As I write, I have one ear on alert to the sound of little shuffling feet, sneaking out of his room to see if Santa has been yet. This has actually been going on for a few nights now as he hasn`t quite got the calendar thing down yet and has believed it to be christmas day for the last 72 hours. He`s done the classics “I need to go pee,” “I need some water,” “I thought I heard something” etc. Last night he threw in a few originals, the best of which was “Guys! I can hear a weird smell in my room!” Its cute and all but it`s really messing up the placing of presents under the tree. We have been in a heated debate for the last hour about when “Santa” should come. Andrew`s all for doing it now. I think he is a crazy person because if we do it now and Thomas wakes up in the next few hours, we will NEVER get him back to bed and will end up celebrating Christmas at 1am. We are failing Christmas! Why is this so confusing? I have a serious fear that we will fall asleep debating Santa-timing and be woken up on the couch at 5am by a sobbing toddler who thinks Santa didn`t come.

This is all pretty exciting though. This is the first year that he has really gotten into the Santa thing and it does make it all so fun. For the past couple of weeks, our evening walks have included a visit to “The Vancouver Star” which is a story I made up for him about a Christmas light display at a great old brick building on West Broadway.

The Vancouver Star

The Vancouver Star

When we first saw it, Thomas was literally jumping up and down and yelling “Did Santa get magicked up there? Is that the one what was magic?”. I told him yes, that was the one what was magic and that the magic star was what guided Santa to Vancouver. He has talked about that star everyday since. It is awesome.

It`s been an hour since he`s sneaked out of him room and we are both hoping that he`s in there dreaming away about Santa flying over and looking for his star.

Before bed, we drank hot chocolate and watched our favourite Christmas story……

Hope you are all cosied up somewhere with the people you love. Happy Holidays!


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