Crafting on a deadline


As the end of 2012 gets ever closer, so too does the start of full time classes and the end of my crafting time as I know it. It`s a grim prospect for me. Maybe not so much for Andrew who probably fears that he is living with a 95 year old woman of late. Example? Last night, at 8pm, I was sitting in bed with a mug of hot chocolate (I guess cocoa or even warm milk would have been even worse), watching Little Women and crocheting masses of tiny little leaves for something I am making. I may or may not have also had a hot water bottle with me, I`m not saying. It`s bad, I know. What I`m even going to do with all the “%*& I make is anyone`s guess – maybe I`ll just have a booth at a church bazaar like a real old lady. I will obviously carry my crafts to the bazaar in one of those trolley things that old people pull behind them, everywhere, even when they are only going to pick up tea bags and some marmelade.

I did give some of it away as Christmas presents and if anyone is really nice to me in the next little while, you may just receive a little something in the mail from me (don`t hold your breath though, I am the WORST at mailing things. I`m so lazy).

Anyway, without further adieu, I present to you a number of things that are presently piling up in a closet in the living room……

I actually did mail this to my sister for Christmas.

I actually did mail this to my sister for Christmas.

dec 28 003

And I gave these to my niece – packaged in that little crochet purse thing in the background

dec 28 004

Try not to focus on the dirty window frame in the background. Just try.

dec 28 045

I made the earrings. I did not, however, paint that reindeer scene.

dec 28 046

Close up!

dec 28 047

These were meant to look like roses. That they don`t in any way is not lost on me.

dec 28 050

Bronze and pearl earrings (in case you don`t know your metals and precious rocks).

dec 28 052

A bracelet. A silver and pink glass bracelet.

dec 28 055

And now in turquoise.

dec 28 057

Why not with pearls, while we`re at it.

dec 28 058

Not to scale. These earrings are not the length of a grown woman. They are the length of a cartoon woman on a cool glass my sister got me.

dec 28 061

Here`s where I started to combine crocheting and making jewellery because I sensed the looming deadline of school fast approaching and realized I was going to have to start combo-crafting to quell my addiction.

dec 28 064

This is just plain cute. A little pendant on a silver chain. Adorbs.

dec 28 065

Yes. I know that that is not an oak leaf with that acorn. I know, alright! Have you ever tried crocheting a teeny little oak leaf? It is infuriating.

dec 28 069

Again, the scale makes this look like this little nest is gigantic. Consider this though, that reindeer isn`t real, it`s a very small picture.

dec 28 072

Also looking huge. It`s the size of a loonie though, so just relax.

dec 28 073

I went felted-bead crazy just before christmas and now have a whole pile of little felted balls awaiting their turn to be crafted. Your time will come little beads, rest assured.

dec 28 075

I also felted other shapes.

So there you have it. Some (not nearly all, sadly) of the things I have been furiously making as though being chased (by some sort of animal that compels you to craft).

And yes, I will take some photography lessons in the future, thank you for asking.



4 thoughts on “Crafting on a deadline

  1. Omgee! I just fell in love with the acorn necklace!!! I tried felting…note the keywords tried,lol. Again, I find myself jealous. Although I did start my kindle sweater 😀

    • Thank you! My foray into felting resulted in more Diego band-aids on my fingers than in felted woodland creatures like I pictured myself making. I have succeeded only in making felted balls and beads and used this tutorial which doesn`t require that you stab things perilously close to your fingers! Hope the sweater is coming along nicely!

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  3. Great post. I have some old lady tendencies too. And I can’t mail things to save my life. I made a bunch of Christmas cards and managed to hand a few to people in person. The rest sit unmailed. Ah well. Happy New Year and thanks for stopping over at my blog. I know a few folks around Vancouver and heard about the exciting snow.

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