To infinity, and beyond!

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I`ve got the post Christmas blues. Some people love that the stress and chaos of Christmas is behind us for another year, but not me. I love the chaos and the constant Christmas carols on the radio (okay, I don`t LOVE the carols, there are some that make me want to scratch my eyes out, such as that new version of Baby It`s Cold Outside done by a father and his little girl – it makes me crazy for some reason, but anyway…), the stores covered in decorations that you have to literally pull your toddler off of and spend great lengths of time on every shopping trip explaining to said toddler that they can`t have a treat today because Santa will be coming soon with plenty of treats, etc, etc. Wait, I`m making it sound like I don`t actually like all this, I do though, I love it and I get really mopey when it`s all done for another year. What`s a girl to do? Waking up early and making a big mug of coffee and sitting in a quiet house with the just the Christmas tree lights on and looking through pictures of the month certainly helps. We did so much this December: went to see the reindeer on Grouse  mountain, built a snowman during a very brief snow day in Vancouver, countless walks to see the Christmas lights and the Vancouver Star, lots of trips to the library to restock our Christmas book stash, watched old Christmas movies (and forgot how creepy the abominable snowman is in Rudolph until Thomas came running into the kitchen crying – oops!) and visited with lots of friends. Christmas day was quiet, peaceful,  just what we hoped for.  The appearance of Buzz Lightyear and six, yes SIX, various rescue vehicles that light up and wail (thank you grandpa Jim, we will be sure to get you back somehow) made for a raging Christmas afternoon headache, nothing a little Tylenol with your eggnog won`t cure. Thomas started to get a nasty cough and a fever by dinnertime and spent all afternoon saying “Guys! I`m frazzled. What does frazzled mean again?”. We told him frazzled meant stressed out to which he replied “yeah, yeah, I`m frazzled”. So I guess I am speaking for Andrew and myself when I say that Christmas was perfect. Thomas, by all accounts, found it very stressful (but he certainly seemed to enjoy himself).

Hope you all had a great holiday and are looking forward to a new year!



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