Hey, I`ve got a question for you!

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Each year, on his birthday, we`re going to ask Thomas these same questions………

bday questionarre

This kid has got all the answers.

How old are you? 3!

How old is dad? 1!

How old is mum? 2! (heeeeyyyyyy, why am I older than dad?)

What is your favourite thing to do with dad? do goofy things

What is your favourite thing to do with mum? dance with you

What is your favourite thing to do, ever? paint, make snowballs, colour (we have made snowballs exactly twice in his life, not because we begrudge him his favourite activity but because we have seen snow in Vancouver twice in his 3 years)

What is your favourite food? vegetables (specifically) lettuce (absolutely not true, I think he was seeing this as some sort of test of right and wrong)

What is your favourite drink? water (also, not at all reflective of what he actually asks for, which is milk, or “special” which is carrot and orange juice)

What is your favourite colour? red (this changes daily)

What is your favourite letter*? L!

What is your favourite number**? 2!

*he asked me to ask him this

**same for this one

Who is your best friend? Buzz Lightyear

What is your favourite toy? Flynn the Fire Engine

What is your favourite movie? Toy Story

What is your favourite book? my painting book

What is your favourite thing to wear? a heart and a button (no idea)

What is your favourite song? —– we totally expected Downtown or We Built This City because they are the two most requested. His actual answer: Ochre.

Us: huh, we`ve never heard that song.

Thomas: it goes like this……….

Oooooooh! Ochre! Ooooh, he lived in the sky and he was on top of the moon! And he lived theee-eeerrre! And he got a plant and he eated a plant and he got a lightbulb. Hey! (note: we got a plant today and he was staring at a lamp so I`m thinking this song may have been drawing from his real lived experiences)

Just when we thought it was done…….

Oooooooohhhhh! What a lemon you are! Oh, what a lemon, what a lemon, what a lemon you ARE!

What a lemon he is.



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