Where DOES the time go?


Hey! Know what day it is? If you guessed that it’s a day that I should be studying, then you`re absolutley right! If you guessed that for every 20 minutes I study, I spend another 5 30 minutes crafting up something cute, then, right again and you know me too well! Here is a little project that I whipped up in precisely the amount of time it should have taken me to memorize my Advanced Cardiac Life Support Algorithms! While that means I will be up late tonight doing what I should have been doing today, I will do so with the knowledge that tomorrow, my car keys and Blackberry will be carried in style (until I promptly lose them somewhere because I usually just put them in my pocket and will likely forget that the clutch is mine and leave it on a table at the hospital). Ah well! Here is the clutch with hand-made fabric button that I made and the tutorial for both the clutch AND the button. Yup, two-for-one today.

A cute little crochet clutch with a DIY fabric button!

A cute little crochet clutch with a DIY fabric button!




11 thoughts on “Where DOES the time go?

  1. I love this little clutch and the tutorial! I am going to make this for myself! I’m kinda new to crocheting, so if you don’t mind, I have a couple of questions. What type of yarn did you use? and what size crochet hook did you use? and approximate overall finished size?

  2. ha ha…where does the time go? Maybe to the same place all our missing socks do! mmmmm? Love the bag it’s super cute!

  3. Hi Carys,

    Thank you for the tutorial for the clutch I can’t wait to try it out.


  4. Aw, just crush me with cuteness, why dont’cha? Thanks for sharing! I will definitely return to see more projects!
    Annie at Biocadence

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