From the mouths of (confused) babes




Thomas: That apple looks like it has a bum. I can`t eat it.

Me: (thinking nothing of it….yet) What if I just cut it like this?

Thomas: No! I don`t want that apple now!

Some time later, while discussing dinner, the following happened……

Me: Do you want chicken or maybe, spaghetti and meatballs for dinner?

Thomas: Do chickens have bums?

Me: They do, yes.

Thomas: Do meatballs?

Me: Well, I guess they do, yeah. Cows have bums and meatballs come from cows.

Thomas: From cows? Like milk you mean?

Me: Not exactly.

Thomas: But cows have bums?

Me: Yup.

Thomas: Can we just have the spaghetti part?

Me: *sigh* I think we`ll have to.

Anyone know the specific name for the type of vegetarian that won`t eat anything that has, or looks like it has, a bum?


4 thoughts on “From the mouths of (confused) babes

  1. He sure sounds just like his Daddy!

  2. That’s too funny, Araya has us on the vegetarian path now as well and to be honest I’m feeling pretty good about not eating anything with a bum….oh except the odd apple! lol :p

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