A new page for me


Betcha thought I was doing something clever with that title and it was going to turn out to be a terrible pun like many of my others? Well, you were WRONG dear reader. I have, quite literally, made a new page on this blog to showcase some of the items I will be selling in the ETSY shop that I plan on opening once the tedium and chaos that is my critical care nursing upgrade, is finally over in March. If you don`t have the energy to click on the page (just up there on the right. See it?) then I will show you some of the items here (and I`ll suggest you go get a RedBull or something because, seriously? That would have taken, like, zero effort.)


5 thoughts on “A new page for me

  1. I love how you style your jewelry with etchings. Très elegant!

  2. very nice can’t wait to check your shop out! 🙂

  3. You are so clever sweet sister. I see only gifts for your oldest sibling…

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