You`ll never get away with this


Nap time. Sweet, sweet nap time. Time for me to sit and have a coffee and catch up on celebrity gossip and Pinterest do school work. At least it used to be. Sadly, nap time seems to be becoming a thing of the past. While he apparently naps like a champ at daycare, Thomas is staunchly refusing to nap at home. I haven`t given up on it yet, day in-day out, I set up his “nest” in his room, make it dark and cosy, read him a story and head to the living room with my fingers crossed. Inevitably, within about 7 minutes, he has come out again because he NEEDS to ask me a question. Pressing issues for him at nap time are things like: is a cousin a sister? what is a baby whale called again? is dad a brother? where`s Sweet D? (this was a really weird one because Sweet D was our goldfish that died well over a year ago and I managed to just whisk her bowl away and he never seemed to notice). Yesterday, after several tries, I ended up just standing at his door and when it opened, I just pointed to his bed to which he responded, while stamping his little foot,


He ended up being right, I didn`t “get away with it” because by now it was almost 4pm and “nap time” was effectively over. It wasn`t a total loss though because we had a nice little cuddle in a sunny chair and enjoyed a delicious pear. One of us did so wearing only a t`shirt and one Mickey Mouse sock but I`m not going to tell you who.

Hmmm, this looks good

Hmmm, this looks good

Oh yeah, this is a good one

Oh yeah, this is a good one

Whoooeeeee! This is really juicy!

Whoooeeeee! This is really juicy!

Yep. I sure like me a good pear.

Yep. I sure like me a good pear.

Update: attempts at early bedtime were no more successful – after all the usual pleas (But i`m not tired! can I have some milk? Hey, want to watch Dumbo with me? We forgot to brush my teeth! we didn`t), he gave up actually asking for anything and would just saunter into the living room saying “Oh, hello guys. It`s nice to see you again.”

It was nice to see him again but having only seen him 90 seconds earlier that didn`t cut it and he was marched back to bed.





11 thoughts on “You`ll never get away with this

  1. ha ha…oh Carys that just made my day! Too funny 🙂

  2. I really love reading your blog…

    • Thanks so much! Sometimes it feels a bit conceited to write a blog but I have all these little slips of paper all over the house that capture little phrases or funny things that happen in the day and this blog is just such a nice way to keep it all together with some pictures. I don`t want to forget these days in my family`s life. xoxo

  3. Oh the end of naps! I’m feeling your pain!

    • It`s a horrible part of life isnt it? If only it coincided with a burst of middle age energy that could rival that of a three year olds. Looks like I`ll be adopting the 730pm bedtime (for me, I mean). Thanks for the support!

  4. sadly we were forced to give up naptime a couple of months ago due to the fact that every time my daughter napped she stayed up until midnight. rip naptime.

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