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We`ve never really been the parents that engaged in baby talk with Thomas. I`ve always found baby voices irritating really (unless, of course, the voice belongs to a baby, in which case they can`t help it). We`ve always tried to his answer questions without dumbing things down, which is not always easy. I remember once hearing a dad trying to explain global warming in really technical terms to a kid that looked to be about 2 years old and it sounded about as ridiculous as if he had been saying “the sunny sun hots things up so that everything is tooooooo hot and gets all shrivelly and yucky” or however you do baby talk. There`s some sort of balance needed between saying “you wouldn`t understand” and then actually launching into a full on discussion about how an epidemic and a pandemic differ, for example. Sometimes it would be way easier to just say “you wouldn`t understand”. For example, yesterday, when I found myself trying to explain what gross income meant. Or how renting a home and owning a home differ. Or how bacteria ends up making your throat sore (and therefore why you shouldn`t lick a car). Or how steel is made. Or why saying that someone is Greek is NOT actually a swear word. And on, and on.

Sometimes though, I do have to just give up and say “Know what? I don`t understand that either kiddo.” (in response to how does a windmill make power). If someone could dumb that down for me, that would be helpful.

Just mulling over my response. This will undoubtedly be followed with "..but why?"

Just mulling over my response. This will undoubtedly be followed with “..but why?”

Here`s a funny video about how kids talk that really made me laugh (thanks to Cup of Jo for the link).



One thought on “Baby talk

  1. The video attached with the blog was so incredibly funny- i literally laughed outloud!

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