Birds of a feather

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Its been hot here. Not crazy hot like my eastward friends and family are being slaughtered with, but hot. Hot enough that sleeping at night requires a fan, set on high, blowing directly on me all night. As a result of the hot, dry air blowing into my face all night, I wake up every morning with a gross, dry, itchy throat. While complaining about my sore throat yesterday morning, Thomas asked why it was sore so I spent a bit of time explaining my dry- air- in-the-face theory. His reply, “I think your throat is sore because of all the talking you do ALL the time EVERY day.” Taken aback, I squealed “Heyyyyy, you rascal!” to which he replied, “I`m not a rascal, I`m a doctor.”


Later, we made birdhouses. One of us wore only underwear so as not to get “all painty”.
Painting in knickers

really getting in there



a new home

I hope this doesn`t encourage birds to fly in through that open window.


stay cool.


One thought on “Birds of a feather

  1. I love my Dr.Thomas! Pleased it was the Dr. In his knickers and not the chatter box. Xxxooo

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