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Oh my word. How long has it been? It`s been ages. AGES. My lack of posting has not been due to a lack of things to write about or pictures to show, it has been the result of an epic battle with my ailing computer. If I never see the phrase (not responding) one more time, it will be too soon. Oh, I`ve tried posting, believe me, I`ve tried. I try to upload photos from my good camera, and 45 minutes later, maybe 1 of 20 photos has actually made it onto the computer, then it freezes, then it shuts down on its own and then it laughs maniacally at me, I swear it does.

This morning it has decided to play nice so I have managed to get some pictures uploaded from my iphone.

We`ve been loving the exceptionally sunny days here in VanCity and have spent countless hours at the beach and outside pools. T has been doing a lot of al fresco beach play, stating “I like the feeling of the sand on my bum.” Not the air on his bum, the sand. It seems like every couple of days he picks up a new word that he has to try out until he gets it right – a few of my faves:


Thomas (looking wistfully out the car window): When we were in Ontario, Hank barely even said a word to me.*

*note, Hank is our friends`pre-verbal baby. I pointed out that Hank didn`t know how to talk yet, so not to take it personally, but he was barely listening.


Many, many sentences of late have begun with Guys, this is the situation……… The “situation” often involves needing some sort of rare treat (ice cream, a new toy, a kinder surprise egg, etc) but I think that he feels that by turning it into a “situation” there is more gravity to the request. It rarely works, unless I want ice cream too and then the situation is that we head to Granville Island for gelato.


This one is taking some work because he uses it in place of actually and also. I am awfully a Transformer Rescue Bot, not a little kid mom. I would awfully like to have some ice cream with these vegetables. (Thomas, I am awfully sorry, but those vegetables will have to be eaten first).

There have been many more, but before this computer turns on me, I will get this posted…………….


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