I`m Carys, an incredibly lucky mum to one excellent kid and girlfriend to his excellent dad. I love my job as a nurse but would rather be home with A and T, any day. I love all things DIY and blame Pinterest for countless non-finished projects around my house. I love our home and our friends and family in Vancouver, British Columbia but it makes me sad to be away from family that is spread out all over Canada, the US and England. I will admit to being terrible at writing letters, even though I LOVE getting them, so I`m using this blog to document our day to day.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. I can tell you have a happy family. Stay blessed.

  2. Carys,
    What a gorgeous blog you have. I wish I were crafty…my daughters’ are, but I get the fidgets when I sit still long enough to do anything nice 🙂 I still am crafty in my dreams though. Thanks for following Orange Marmalade! By the way, my 17-year-old and I were in Vancouver this fall for some days. Wow!!! What an incredible spot. We loved it!

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