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And I think it`s gonna be a long, long time

We`re just back from Road Trip 2013 which took us to the Okanagan, Washington and Oregon for two amazing weeks. I`ve got a ton (ie about 400) of pictures to sort through and organize into posts but I`ll start with this one…………

We had planned to go to this amazing indoor water park in McMinnville, Oregon that is in an airplane hangar and has a decommissioned 747 on the roof. You climb all these stairs to get into the plane where the emergency exits are water slides!!! Genius! So fun. So, so fun. But when I say planned, I mean that we decided we would go there, an hours drive from Portland. We didn`t actually plan anything which left us having to stop at Wal-Mart to buy towels and then, finally, we pulled into the parking lot of the water park. The completely empty parking lot. Worst. It is the worst telling your 3-year-old that the water park that you`ve been psyching him up for for weeks, is closed. Brutal. I`m not sure who was more disappointed, him or us. It was an equal bummer all around. But since we were there, we decided to part with $60 and tour the aviation and space museums (oh, we skipped the Firearms and Ammunition Hall wherein one must pass underneath a giant sign that has a long, ridiculous quote from Charlton Heston. Gag.). The museums were actually pretty rad (note: if my parents had brought me to this kind of thing on a family trip I would NOT have thought it was rad. I would have complained at every step and sulked, and stomped and told them they were the lamest, etc, etc. We decided that we can not deprive Thomas a childhood without these moments.) and we spent a great deal of time ferociously competing  playing on flight simulators where you had to try and dock your space craft to the docking station. Some people crashed and burned (Thomas and Andrew), while others were told that they did an excellent job and were subsequently asked to submit their resumes to NASA. For days afterward, Thomas asked me to sing Rocket Man over and over again (sorry to all those passersby who had to be subject to that). Then, today, I played it for him and in probably one of his top 5 cutest moments, he grabbed my hand with his cute little chubby toddler hand and said, “Mum, do you want to dance wiv me?”. You can`t invent this stuff – little kids are the best.

Why not listen to the song and imagine the cuteness while looking at some pictures of our day? Just press play on the vid and then scroll down….. (I don`t think this works if you view on your phone)

He may have failed the height requirement part of NASA`s tests but he would otherwise have totally been asked to be an astronaut

He may have failed the height requirement part of NASA`s tests but he would otherwise have totally been asked to be an astronaut (note Andrew`s thumb to the right), as per usual)

Competitive space craft docking

Competitive space craft docking

october 2103 083

october 2103 084

october 2103 085

The Spruce Goose (google it). Pretty cool. I have included a pre-schooler in the picture so that you get a sense of the scale. Its a billion times larger than a pre-schooler.

The Spruce Goose (google it). Pretty cool. I have included a pre-schooler in the picture (look closely) so that you get a sense of the scale. It’s a billion times larger than a pre-schooler.


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Like crazy father, like crazy son

I know, right? It`s like I don`t even have a blog. Would you believe that nothing at all has happened since I last posted? No? Would you believe that, like an eighty year old woman, I`m in bed most nights by 8:30pm if I`m not at work? You should definatlely believe that because that, my friends, is the truth. If I`m up past 9pm it`s only because I am actually holding my own eyes open long enough to make it through another episode of Breaking Bad. It`s ridiculous, we are only on season 3 and I was forced to avoid social media for days after the finale so I wouldn`t find out the ending (which I still don`t know so don`t even TRY to spill the beans in the comment section. DON`T EVEN TRY).

This has been a crazy busy summer and I am going through a billion pictures to put together some posts but, in doing so, I came across a little something……… You know how Thomas`go-to move in pictures is the thumbs up? Guess where that came from……..

I was trying for a nice scenic shot of the farm we were staying on. He looks like he`s photoshopped in.

I was trying for a nice scenic shot of the farm we were staying on. He looks like he`s photoshopped in.

photo 1 (1)

Look at Thomas`feeble little thumb. Simply no match for old double thumbs behind him.

photo 2

Let`s just both do it son

photo 3

Beach thumbs

photo 5

Cafe thumbs

september 12 038

Museum of Natural History thumbs

september 12 046

Kids play area thumbs. Notice how Thomas didn`t even bother in this one

I didn`t even know he was anywhere near us.

I didn`t even know he was anywhere near us.

He comes by it honestly.

More soon!


Made, quite literally, in the shade

Well, it`s happened. I`ve picked up the wool and started using my hands again. I don`t know why I ever took such a long break because I feel waaaayyyyy better when I`m doing something creative. I`ve been playing around with some new patterns and have a few that I`m really liking. As well, I`ve met up with a great crafty friend at work and we`re putting together some ideas for a shop, stay tuned…………………. In the meantime, if you`re interested in purchasing any of the items I make, or would like something custom made, contact me (see that link on the side there?).

Here`s what I`ve been up to. Most of these items were worked on while lounging under a beach umbrella. It`s a tough life.

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(Not Responding)……….

Oh my word. How long has it been? It`s been ages. AGES. My lack of posting has not been due to a lack of things to write about or pictures to show, it has been the result of an epic battle with my ailing computer. If I never see the phrase (not responding) one more time, it will be too soon. Oh, I`ve tried posting, believe me, I`ve tried. I try to upload photos from my good camera, and 45 minutes later, maybe 1 of 20 photos has actually made it onto the computer, then it freezes, then it shuts down on its own and then it laughs maniacally at me, I swear it does.

This morning it has decided to play nice so I have managed to get some pictures uploaded from my iphone.

We`ve been loving the exceptionally sunny days here in VanCity and have spent countless hours at the beach and outside pools. T has been doing a lot of al fresco beach play, stating “I like the feeling of the sand on my bum.” Not the air on his bum, the sand. It seems like every couple of days he picks up a new word that he has to try out until he gets it right – a few of my faves:


Thomas (looking wistfully out the car window): When we were in Ontario, Hank barely even said a word to me.*

*note, Hank is our friends`pre-verbal baby. I pointed out that Hank didn`t know how to talk yet, so not to take it personally, but he was barely listening.


Many, many sentences of late have begun with Guys, this is the situation……… The “situation” often involves needing some sort of rare treat (ice cream, a new toy, a kinder surprise egg, etc) but I think that he feels that by turning it into a “situation” there is more gravity to the request. It rarely works, unless I want ice cream too and then the situation is that we head to Granville Island for gelato.


This one is taking some work because he uses it in place of actually and also. I am awfully a Transformer Rescue Bot, not a little kid mom. I would awfully like to have some ice cream with these vegetables. (Thomas, I am awfully sorry, but those vegetables will have to be eaten first).

There have been many more, but before this computer turns on me, I will get this posted…………….

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Birds of a feather

Its been hot here. Not crazy hot like my eastward friends and family are being slaughtered with, but hot. Hot enough that sleeping at night requires a fan, set on high, blowing directly on me all night. As a result of the hot, dry air blowing into my face all night, I wake up every morning with a gross, dry, itchy throat. While complaining about my sore throat yesterday morning, Thomas asked why it was sore so I spent a bit of time explaining my dry- air- in-the-face theory. His reply, “I think your throat is sore because of all the talking you do ALL the time EVERY day.” Taken aback, I squealed “Heyyyyy, you rascal!” to which he replied, “I`m not a rascal, I`m a doctor.”


Later, we made birdhouses. One of us wore only underwear so as not to get “all painty”.
Painting in knickers

really getting in there



a new home

I hope this doesn`t encourage birds to fly in through that open window.


stay cool.


Kinder surprise indeed!

Sometimes (always) as a treat for enduring the tedium that is grocery shopping, we buy Thomas a Kinder Surprise Egg. The other day, as we sat outside the store and opened the egg, eagerly anticipating what cheap plastic exciting toy we would find inside, Thomas sighed and said

“Oh mum, I REALLY hope it’s not a cigarette.”

He is obsessed, OBSESSED, with smoking and cigarettes lately. I don`t mean he`s actually smoking or handling cigarettes, and we don`t smoke, but when he sees someone on the street smoking he will walk right up to them and point directly in their faces and say “This man/lady is smoking a cigarette! Will they have to go to the hospital?” I usually try to avert his attention and then we`ll talk about it later, the downfalls of smoking I mean. Sometimes though, like when the person is smoking at the park while pushing their baby on a swing, I throw my social etiquette and attempts at being polite to the wind and say “Yes. One day they will. And so will their kid if they continue to smoke directly in their face.”

Anyway, it WASN`T a cigarette in his Kinder Egg, it was a little switchblade.

Here are some entirely unrelated pics of T and his little buddy Luke. They are sharing a bagel and Luke appears to be regaling Thomas with some sort of story that seems to at once be embarrassing and delighting Thomas.

IMG_8498 IMG_8499 IMG_8500

This, to me, looks like one of those moments when you are trying to tell your friend something super funny, but you`re laughing too hard to tell them and, in turn, they are laughing at you laughing. Or their both choking on their bagels.

This, to me, looks like one of those moments when you are trying to tell your friend something super funny, but you`re laughing too hard to tell them and, in turn, they are laughing at you laughing. Or they`re both choking on their bagels.

IMG_8503 IMG_8504 IMG_8506 IMG_8507


All work and no play

Oh man! It`s been ages! Blech! May, and now June, have literally just been a blur to me. I`ve got the new job blues and it has seriously stunted my creativity and zapped just about every ounce of energy I have to do anything other than WORK, MAKE A MEAL, EAT A MEAL, TRY NOT TO BE A MISERABLE MOTHER, SLEEP and REPEAT.

Moving from the comfort of the amazing cardiology unit where I really learned to be a nurse, to the chaos and at times (many, many, many times) complete frustration that is the Emergency Room, has been waaaaaaaayyyyyyyy more difficult than I`d anticipated. While I try to keep in mind that it is the state of the health care system as a whole that allows these things to happen, it is increasingly difficult,  to not say aloud “I`m sorry sir, I`m having a hard time understanding the actual EMERGENCY that brought you into the EMERGENCY room, where we are meant to be dealing with EMERGENCIES. While I`m sure it stung a little to have cut your thumb while opening a can of tuna, a 911 call and an ambulance ride to the ER where I will give you a band-aid and a tetanus shot, maaayyyy be a little bit of overkill, no?” I mean, I get it, there are not enough family doctors, wait times to see the few that there are can be ridiculously long, blah, blah, blah. I can`t even begin to talk about the state of mental health care without feeling a giant knot form in my stomach. UGH.

Anyway, as I walk home and try to shed my anxiety headache and stomach ache after each shift, I remind myself that my job is not my life and that my family and friends are the only thing that matters and usually, by the time I get home I feel a little better. Except for the day that I walked all the way home fretting about my shift, only to get home and remember that I had driven to work that day. Bah!

But, it’s not all work around here, and here are some pics from the last few weeks to prove it (if you click on the image I`ve included captions about just what you`re looking at)