It`s off to work we go

Thomas has recently really gotten into colouring and painting, which is excellent. Yesterday, I noticed a new picture on the kitchen table that he had brought home from daycare and I picked it up to admire it……

Tree and Rainbow. (but I don`t need to tell YOU that, right?)

Immediately, it was snatched from my hands by the artist himself, who told me “This isn`t for you Mum! It`s for a guy I work with!” Then he stomped away with his masterpiece. My mind was running a million miles a minute “What guy!?!? Who is this guy?!?! Is he trouble?! Wait, where do you work? And when?” I couldn`t get any answers out of Thomas, so I can only assume that the nature of his work is top-secret. Private Investigator maybe? CSIS?

Then I remembered a picture he made a few days ago…

Is THIS the guy?

Wait a minute………is THIS the guy?

I`ve never seen this guy around before so I`m thinking it might be him. Thomas won`t say, he has remained totally mum on the sitch thus far. Do me a favour will you? You see this character walking around town, ask him a couple of questions, find out if he`s a good guy for my three-year old to be working with.