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And I think it`s gonna be a long, long time

We`re just back from Road Trip 2013 which took us to the Okanagan, Washington and Oregon for two amazing weeks. I`ve got a ton (ie about 400) of pictures to sort through and organize into posts but I`ll start with this one…………

We had planned to go to this amazing indoor water park in McMinnville, Oregon that is in an airplane hangar and has a decommissioned 747 on the roof. You climb all these stairs to get into the plane where the emergency exits are water slides!!! Genius! So fun. So, so fun. But when I say planned, I mean that we decided we would go there, an hours drive from Portland. We didn`t actually¬†plan anything which left us having to stop at Wal-Mart to buy towels and then, finally, we pulled into the parking lot of the water park. The completely empty parking lot. Worst. It is the worst telling your 3-year-old that the water park that you`ve been psyching him up for for weeks, is closed. Brutal. I`m not sure who was more disappointed, him or us. It was an equal bummer all around. But since we were there, we decided to part with $60 and tour the aviation and space museums (oh, we skipped the Firearms and Ammunition Hall wherein one must pass underneath a giant sign that has a long, ridiculous quote from Charlton Heston. Gag.). The museums were actually pretty rad (note: if my parents had brought me to this kind of thing on a family trip I would NOT have thought it was rad. I would have complained at every step and sulked, and stomped and told them they were the lamest, etc, etc. We decided that we can not deprive Thomas a childhood without these moments.) and we spent a great deal of time ferociously competing¬† playing on flight simulators where you had to try and dock your space craft to the docking station. Some people crashed and burned (Thomas and Andrew), while others were told that they did an excellent job and were subsequently asked to submit their resumes to NASA. For days afterward, Thomas asked me to sing Rocket Man over and over again (sorry to all those passersby who had to be subject to that). Then, today, I played it for him and in probably one of his top 5 cutest moments, he grabbed my hand with his cute little chubby toddler hand and said, “Mum, do you want to dance wiv me?”. You can`t invent this stuff – little kids are the best.

Why not listen to the song and imagine the cuteness while looking at some pictures of our day? Just press play on the vid and then scroll down….. (I don`t think this works if you view on your phone)

He may have failed the height requirement part of NASA`s tests but he would otherwise have totally been asked to be an astronaut

He may have failed the height requirement part of NASA`s tests but he would otherwise have totally been asked to be an astronaut (note Andrew`s thumb to the right), as per usual)

Competitive space craft docking

Competitive space craft docking

october 2103 083

october 2103 084

october 2103 085

The Spruce Goose (google it). Pretty cool. I have included a pre-schooler in the picture so that you get a sense of the scale. Its a billion times larger than a pre-schooler.

The Spruce Goose (google it). Pretty cool. I have included a pre-schooler in the picture (look closely) so that you get a sense of the scale. It’s a billion times larger than a pre-schooler.


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All the singer ladies

When your kid won`t nap, sometimes you just have to give in, say goodbye to your quiet time, put on some top forty radio and dance around the living room. Around here, We Built This City on Rock and Roll and Downtown are big faves and are often on repeat (and by repeat I mean that he will literally ask for the song to be played AGAIN upwards of 20 times before tiring of it). Every once in a while though, he will throw out a request that totally stumps me and involves a long line of questioning until we get to the bottom of it. Today he kept asking if we could find “the singer lady song” on the computer. Singer ladies?

Me: Do you mean Downtown where the lady sings?

Thomas: No! No! The one with ALL the singer ladies.

All the singer ladies? All the SINGLE ladies! Beyonce it is!

This next one took a little longer. While driving a few weeks ago, Thomas was in the back humming to himself and then asked if I could find the song about paper on the radio.

Paper? Hmmmm, paper?

Me: I need more words, I don`t know a paper song.

Thomas: With the guy what doesn`t have paper. That one.

Me:Mmmmm, still not sure. What does he say about paper?

Thomas: He says “I`m out of paayyyper” (in a really cute and incredibly off key sing songy voice)

Me: Let me think about it for a bit.

Thank god top forty radio can be counted on for only having about 12 songs on their playlist at any given time because it was on the return trip that the Maroon 5 song Payphone came on and Thomas gleefully sang along


I will obviously never hear that as “I`m at a payphone” any more.

All the singer ladies! All the singer ladies! All the singer ladies! All the singer ladies! Now put your hands up!

All the singer ladies! All the singer ladies! All the singer ladies! All the singer ladies! Now put your hands up!

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Hey, I`ve got a question for you!

Each year, on his birthday, we`re going to ask Thomas these same questions………

bday questionarre

This kid has got all the answers.

How old are you? 3!

How old is dad? 1!

How old is mum? 2! (heeeeyyyyyy, why am I older than dad?)

What is your favourite thing to do with dad? do goofy things

What is your favourite thing to do with mum? dance with you

What is your favourite thing to do, ever? paint, make snowballs, colour (we have made snowballs exactly twice in his life, not because we begrudge him his favourite activity but because we have seen snow in Vancouver twice in his 3 years)

What is your favourite food? vegetables (specifically) lettuce (absolutely not true, I think he was seeing this as some sort of test of right and wrong)

What is your favourite drink? water (also, not at all reflective of what he actually asks for, which is milk, or “special” which is carrot and orange juice)

What is your favourite colour? red (this changes daily)

What is your favourite letter*? L!

What is your favourite number**? 2!

*he asked me to ask him this

**same for this one

Who is your best friend? Buzz Lightyear

What is your favourite toy? Flynn the Fire Engine

What is your favourite movie? Toy Story

What is your favourite book? my painting book

What is your favourite thing to wear? a heart and a button (no idea)

What is your favourite song? —– we totally expected Downtown or We Built This City because they are the two most requested. His actual answer: Ochre.

Us: huh, we`ve never heard that song.

Thomas: it goes like this……….

Oooooooh! Ochre! Ooooh, he lived in the sky and he was on top of the moon! And he lived theee-eeerrre! And he got a plant and he eated a plant and he got a lightbulb. Hey! (note: we got a plant today and he was staring at a lamp so I`m thinking this song may have been drawing from his real lived experiences)

Just when we thought it was done…….

Oooooooohhhhh! What a lemon you are! Oh, what a lemon, what a lemon, what a lemon you ARE!

What a lemon he is.



The lights are much brighter there

I don`t know what it is about this song that makes all kids love it. Maybe it is simply because this song is AWESOME. I mean, right?!

Feel free to run around your living room yelling out the “Downtown!” part because you want to sing along but you only know that one part. We will be doing the same here.

And yeah, you`re welcome.